Post #1


July 31st is the last day to grab some of the hunt items from the Dark Katz Hunt. As always there are a lot of female items but some stores offer both male and female options in their prizes.

The first is a pair of mesh jeans from *X*plosion. They are low rise to show off the abs and fit really well on a standard sized avatar. Since a big draw for the Xplosion pants are the low rise I thought I would show you the back of the close up for a change!

  • Jeans:       *X*plosion – *X*Raw Men Mesh Jeans (JunkG) (Dark Katz Hunt – July 1 – July 31st)
  • Shoes:       BLK2.0 – Standard Espadrillias – Green (Group Gift – free to join)
  • Glasses:    Razor – Carbon Fiber Glasses (Dark Katz Hunt – July 1st – July 31st)
  • Necklace:  Gabriel – Two-strand necklace (Group Gift – free to join)
  • Earring:      Rozoregalia – Gemma Earring
  • Piercing:    HoD – The Dead Piercings
  • Hair:           Zeus – Y63 Blond
  • Skin:          Nivaro – Cunov

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