Post #14 – XIAJ and Story Leaf

/XIAJ/ put out a notice yesterday (Aug 21st) containing a few ‘silly’ things and a group gift. As far as I am aware this is only available via notices in the group and as such has a limited availability. Part of the gift are the two tattoos featured here. The first is a regular tattoo for the chest, and the other is a mesh tattoo for the arms. Mesh tattoos, if you’re unfamiliar, allows you to wear a tattoo on one arm.

Also **Story Leaf** put out a new Group Gift male skin called Frank. It’s muscled, has slight body hair, and comes with a beard.aug22-1

  • Shirt:                      G&D – Double Urban Shirt (Menstuff Hunt – Aug 2nd – Sept 1st)
  • Tattoo (chest):       /XIAJ/ – Clockwork Tattoo (Group Gift in notices – free to join)
  • Tattoo (arm):         /XIAJ/ – Skull Sleeve (Mesh Tattoo that lets you wear on one arm) (Group Gift in notices – free to join)
  • Skin:                      **Story Leaf** – Frank Tan 12 (Group Gift – free to join)
  • Pants:                    [Supernerd] – Slim Fit Jeans (Group Gift – free to join)
  • Shoes:                   BLK2.0 – Vintage Black Sneakers (Group Gift – free to join)
  • Hair:                       Dura – Boys & Girls 02 *unisex hair)

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