#49 – tou-Gen-kyo Stamp Rally

There is currently a sim-wide Stamp Rally going on at tou-Gen-kyo. Firstly, this is an adult gay sim and the hunt item is of an adult-themed sexual nature. So be warned should you decide to go hunting there. You’re looking for six items that fill up a stamp card HUD and then you get to pick a prize at the landing point. One full card gets one prize. You can fill up as many cards as you want. There are various prizes and I’m showing two of them today. The hair is from Salon de Glow and the shorts are … Continue reading #49 – tou-Gen-kyo Stamp Rally

#48 – Nytro Group Gift

Quick post today. Both the pants and the sweater are a group gift from Nytro Store. The sweater comes with a HUD to switch from the Baylor Bears emblem to a plain grey version. Also you need to pay one linden to the vendor to purchase the gift but it pays you right back so it is indeed free. Sweat not included! Outfit:  Nytro Store – University Baylor (Group Gift – free to join) Sneakers:  BLK2.0 – Vintage Camo Sneakers (Group Gift – free to join) Hat:  [Colors] – 40A Hat/Hair Glasses:  To Be Unique – Sunglasses  (Group Gift – free to join) … Continue reading #48 – Nytro Group Gift

#47 – Reila Skins Group Gift

Jacket:  Reila Skins – Pea Jacket (September Group Gift – fee to join) Shorts: Delirium Style – Unisex Baggy Bermuda Shorts w. Texture HUD Boots:  GoS – Triumph Boots Beanie:  Delirium Style – Beanie Bro Skin:  Egoisme – Mauro Medium Skin Glasses:  Adjunct – Serragio Readers  (previous 49l sale for dudes) Beard:  Labyrinth – Goat Beard ** NEW **   Continue reading #47 – Reila Skins Group Gift

#46 – The Flasher

Fatewear just released a bumper load of updates – shirts, pants, and this trench coat. My brain turned it into a sexual deviant flasher mac and for that I apologise to Damien Fate but sometimes you just have to go with it. To try and make up for it I turned him into a superhero too (look mask!). Who am I kidding, the mask is kinda kinky too. Ah well. Incidentally the shorts are a new release from Corvus and although they are meant to be for females they kinda worked for me too. Oh no, a cross-dressing sexual deviant flasher! *gives … Continue reading #46 – The Flasher

#45 – 49l Sale for Dudes – September Round

The September round of 49l Sale for Dudes ends tomorrow (Sep 26th) and I’m showing five of the items you can grab this month. Also the eyes that you can’t see too well in this picture is the latest group gift from Ikon (free to join) but they don’t tend to stay out long so make sure you grab them as soon as you can. Hat:  /XIAJ/ – Fresh Prince Hip Cap (49l sale for dudes – September) Glasses:  Adjunct – Serragio Readers  (49l sale for dudes – September) Necklace:  Anatomy – Feather necklace  (49l sale for dudes – September) … Continue reading #45 – 49l Sale for Dudes – September Round

#43 – Falling into Autumn Hunt

Another autumn-themed hunt started yesterday, the Falling into Autumn Hunt runs from Sep 22nd until October 21st and contains male, female, and prop items. I’m showing off the hunt prize from American Bazaar today. Sweater:   American Bazaar – Turtleneck (Falling into Autumn Hunt – Sep 22 – Oct 21) Shorts:  Delirium Style – Cargo Shorts Hat:   Aitui – Urban Trapper Hat Boots:  GoS – Triumph Boots Skin:  Egoisme – Mauro Medium Skin   Continue reading #43 – Falling into Autumn Hunt

#42 – Down with the Sickness

I’ve been sick for the last few days and so this weekend I’m going to throw on some sweats, bundle up with sweaters and sleep the entire time. So it’s not too surprising that this post is influenced by that. The cardigan is a group gift offering from Fameshed and the sweater is a lucky board item from K. Cardigan:  Kauna @ Fameshed – Cardigan (Fameshed event group gift – free to join)  Sweater: ::K:: – Shoulder Knit (lucky board item – group gift needed – free to join) Armwarmers: MiGue – Men’s Arm Warmers (group gift – free to join) Sweatpants:  Egoisme – … Continue reading #42 – Down with the Sickness

#41 – May’s Soul

Just a quick post today. The face chain is the 25l Tuesday item (still available as of today Sept 19) from May’s Soul and while there I spotted this deer head cloak. Face chain:  May’s Soul – Immoe chain face silver (25l Tuesday item – still avail as of Sept 19) Cloak:  May’s Soul  – My deer cloak Skin:  Essences – Yves Hair:  KMADD – Jordan (free subscriber gift) Necklace:  Ronsem – The Shadow Lord – Choker (group gift – free to join) Chest tattoo:  Corvus – Destroy Upper Tattoo  ** NEW ** Sleeve tattoo:  !cStar Limited – Haunted by the Fall Sleeve (The Autumn Effect … Continue reading #41 – May’s Soul

#40 – Tableau Vivant and more TAE

Tableau Vivant recently reopened their store and they have a skin gift for both males and females. This is the new skin in the store called Lucis and the group gift is a beaten up face version. Great for you roleplayers and brawlers out there. The pants and sweater are both Autumn Effect 2.0 hunt prizes. The cap is a group gift from /XIAJ/ and like the previous tattoo gift this was sent out in the group and will only be there for 14 days so join the group today to get it. Sweater:   Razor – Gutter Punk Dbl Shirt – Autumn (The Autumn … Continue reading #40 – Tableau Vivant and more TAE

#39 – Corvus

Corvus recently released this Cruise Jacket and shirt. It comes in six different color combinations and is only 100l each. The hair is a subscriber gift from KMADD. There are 15 hairs, 3 hair bases, and over 30 eyes in the bumper free pack. There should be a subscriber joiner at the landing point at the mainstore. Jacket and shirt:   Corvus – Cruise Jacket ** NEW ** Shorts:  Delirium Style – Cargo Shorts Hair:  KMADD – Jordan (free subscriber gift) Skin:  Essences – Yves Boots: GoS – Triumph Boots Leg tattoo:  Endless Pain Tattoos – Maori Leg (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – … Continue reading #39 – Corvus

#38 – Egoisme and more TAE

Egoisme has recently put out a thong and harness set. You can get both unrigged for fine adjustment or a molten mesh version that molds to your shape. It was also the perfect outfit to showcase some of the tattoos available from Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt. And when you have a harness and tats you need a beast of a hog so I’m showing the Titan hunt prize from Hogs and Cart Wheels from TAE again (different angle so you can see how awesome this thing is!). Harness and thong:  Egoisme – Harness outfit (Black Rough Leather) ** NEW ** Leg tattoo: … Continue reading #38 – Egoisme and more TAE

#37 – The Autumn Effect Hunt 2.0

The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt started today (September 15th) and will run until October 15th. As usual it’s a mostly female hunt with a few (very few) stores offering male, unisex, or both prize offerings. There are 50 stores and they are easily found if you follow the hint page. I’ve listed the stores that have male or unisex items (at time of blogging) and I’ll show you some of the prizes over the next few days. Outfit:   GLO*MART – Hoodie and Lazy Butt Jeans (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – Oct 15) Hair:   [Colors] – Free … Continue reading #37 – The Autumn Effect Hunt 2.0

#36 – Get yer motor runnin!

A Brando-inspired post today that centered around the free Brando cap available at Mimi’s Choice. What better way to accompany the look than with lots of yummy texture-rich leather. Both the pants and the jacket are available from Lapointe & Bastchild, who have been around since the donkey years of second life. Leather Jacket:  Lapointe & Bastchild – Swear Wear Mesh “Classic” Mens Leather Jacket Leather pants:   Lapointe & Bastchild – Swear Wear Mesh Zip Leather Pants Cap:  SF Designs – Brando Cap (free at Mimi’s Choice) Skin:    Egoisme – Mauro Medium Skin ** NEW ** Piercings:    Pekka – Jucious Unisex Piercing Location: … Continue reading #36 – Get yer motor runnin!

#35 – Birdcage

Shirt:                 [I][I][M] – Star-Shirt (available free at the Menstuff Lounge – 50l to join group) Pants:               [AsYLUM] – Janky Jeans – Union Jack (available free at the Menstuff Lounge – 50l to join group) Sneakers:        Razor – Player Kicks (American Bazaar 3rd Anniversary hunt – available ONLY on AB’s sim) Hair:                 !Lamb – Heart – Honeycomb Roots (old group gift) Skin:                 Egoisme – Mauro Medium Skin ** NEW ** Piercings:        Pekka – … Continue reading #35 – Birdcage

#34 – Fall Nights

Fall is rapidly approaching, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. The perfect time to sit outside by a campfire and spend some time with yourself.. daydreaming. Just don’t forget that hoodie! Open hoodie:         GLO*MART – Open Hooded Jacket-Puzzled (available free at the Menstuff Lounge) Shorts:                    Southern Chicks – Khaki Shorts (available free at the Menstuff Lounge) Skin:                        Egoisme – Mauro Medium Skin ** NEW ** Hair:                       … Continue reading #34 – Fall Nights

#33 – Have a nice day!

Delirium Style has this tee-shirt as the September group gift. It comes with a HUD to give you various colors and options. The group costs 99l to join but you get a quality group gift every month. The pants are a lucky board item with a five minute timer or you can purchase them for a mere 10l. If you haven’t managed to get the color you want (yes I’m talking about those awesome RARE black ones) of .Shi’s fingerless gloves from the arcade then these mesh gloves are a good (and free) alternative. They don’t come with mesh fingers but … Continue reading #33 – Have a nice day!