Post #32 – Axix AO

sep10-1It’s not too easy showing off the best features of an AO in static images so consider this a teaser for the new Axix male AO – Justnow. It has four animated stands, walks, run, crouch, fly, and everything you’d expect from an AO. I’m also showing another gift for the Avenue Magazine group at their Zenshi sim. This shirt is an offering from JLB.

  • Shirt:                   JLB – Apparel Pop Art T-Shirt (gift only available at Avenue & Zenshi)
  • Pants:                 Delirium Style – Bray ‘n Ale Unisex Baggies * NEW *
  • Arm warmers:    MiGue – Men’s Arm Warmers (group gift – free to join)
  • Sneakers:          BLK2.0 – Vintage Black Sneakers (Group Gift – free to join)
  • Skin:                  Tableau Vivant – Vincent
  • Hair:                   Dura – Boys & Girls Hair 47
  • AO Poses:        Axix – Justnow AO * NEW *

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