#56 – EhR and FATEwear

Today I’m showing off a more ‘every day’ look. The jeans are a new release from FATEwear and come in various hip lengths for those who like it low or high waisted. The teeshirt is a group gift offering from EhR. And not to deviate from Halloween completely, I have a cute skeleton plush holdable that is a marketplace freebie. The skin is a lucky board item from Dimula Rose. Teeshirt:   EhR – T-shirt gift group (gray) (Group gift – free to join) Jeans:  FATEwear – Grip Billy Jeans Skin:  Dimbula Rose – Halloween Clown Skin (lucky board – group … Continue reading #56 – EhR and FATEwear

#55 – Non-human avatars (halloween ideas continue)

Some more halloween ideas today. After the Chicken Run avatar yesterday I decided to show a few more non-human avatar options. All three are freebies and available on the marketplace. Halloween Owl avatar:  Renn’s TRAUM – Jason Glubsch, Bird AV (freebie) Mesh Avatar: SchyloLabs – Mulli Beach Micro Mesh Avatar (freebie) Alien:  Imagination Lab – Little Green Man (freebie)       Continue reading #55 – Non-human avatars (halloween ideas continue)

#54 – More Halloween ideas from Jomo

Showing off some more halloween ideas. This outfit use to be full price a few halloweens ago but this year it’s being offered as a freebie! It works as a mummy, a bandage fetish, or just an accident victim. You could pair it up with the pumpkin from a few days ago and be a mummified pumpkin king. The choices are endless. The containment unit that I’m using as a biolab in the picture is also a freebie from Jomo. Bandages costume:    Jomo – Bandages (freebie) Containment unit –  Jomo – Human Production (freebie) Continue reading #54 – More Halloween ideas from Jomo

#53 – Halloween ideas (Jomo)

Have a few Halloween ideas for you today from Jomo. The first are two different skins. On the left we have a more tanned romantic skin with a faint tattoo embossed in the skin. And on the right we have a paler skin with bleeding wounds that’s more of a warrior type of skin.  Both are freebies from Jomo who also has an entire wall of other freebies, including a free penis if you haven’t invested in one yet and not wanting to look like a ken-doll. The other freebie I’m showing you today is more of an amusing avatar. If you … Continue reading #53 – Halloween ideas (Jomo)

#52 – Delirium Style October Gift

Delirium Style put out their latest group gift (for October) today. It’s this open trench coat. It also comes with a beanie, smokey eyes and a nose bandage, and a cigarette for the bad boys. DS also has a group gift for the ladies too. The gift itself is free but there is a 99l fee to join the group. You do get a gift every month, however. Trench, beanie, smokey eye, cigarette:  Delirium Style – Dusty (October group gift – 99l join fee) Shorts:   Delirium Style – Unisex Baggy Bermuda Shorts w. Texture HUD Boots:  GoS – Triumph Boots Choker:  Ronsem – … Continue reading #52 – Delirium Style October Gift

#51 – Arabian Nights

Another halloween costume idea, or perhaps just a cool roleplay outfit. This entire outfit (minus the sword) is the group gift from ALB Men. It comes with pants, boots, assassin skirt, earrings, ring, and also a jacket and cowl that’s not shown. Outfit:  ALB Men – Tyler (group gift – free to join) Tattoo (sleeve): !cStar Limited – Haunted by the Fall Sleeve (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – Oct 15) Tattoo (chest):   Corvus – Devil Inside ** NEW ** Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Teeloh Skin:  Egoisme – Mauro Medium Skin     Continue reading #51 – Arabian Nights

#50 – Halloween begins!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I’m super excited about what Second Life has to offer this year. No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot of halloween-related items over the next month and hopefully there will be lots of ideas for the costume parties coming up. Today is a new release from Corvus. The shirts come in various colors but I picked the bloody skull shirt to go along with the pumpkin head, which is a group gift from Remarkable Oblivion. The skeleton and pose is also a freebie on the marketplace. Shirt:   Corvus – Skull Tony Shirt ** … Continue reading #50 – Halloween begins!