#53 – Halloween ideas (Jomo)

oct9Have a few Halloween ideas for you today from Jomo. The first are two different skins. On the left we have a more tanned romantic skin with a faint tattoo embossed in the skin. And on the right we have a paler skin with bleeding wounds that’s more of a warrior type of skin.  Both are freebies from Jomo who also has an entire wall of other freebies, including a free penis if you haven’t invested in one yet and not wanting to look like a ken-doll. The other freebie I’m showing you today is more of an amusing avatar. If you know the reference you’ll see what it is immediately, if not you’re missing out on a great film – Chicken Run!

  • Skin on Left:  Jomo – 2012 Halloween gift skin (freebie)
  • Skin on right:  Jomo – Halloween skin (freebie) 
  • Chicken avatar:  Jomo – Chicken Run (freebie)





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