#81 – Hogmanay

Happy Hogmanay! It’s the last day of the year and as such a quick-ish post today as I plan to be out celebrating soon. And by quick I mean not so much in the way of clothing ūüėõ Anyways, hope you all have a great time tonight whether it’s with friends, family, or just having a good drink. Be safe, discard the bad things from your past, and start fresh and renewed. “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”. Antlers: ¬†Nana¬†– Antlers Reckless Hair: ¬†Underscore – Freedom (male dirty hair) ¬†** NEW … Continue reading #81 – Hogmanay

#80 – Sad Puppeh

I hope everyone had a great christmas and is getting ready for 2014! Since it’s soon to be a new year I’ve been redesigning the blog a little, fresh year, fresh start etc. Let me know what you think. I’ve also been fortunate to get a few new sponsors and I can’t wait to show you all the awesome stuff they have on offer. A lot of the December goodness such as hunts, events, and those seasonal gifts are starting to disappear so make sure you grab them now before it’s too late. This ‘Santa’ Jacket by Pumpkin¬†¬†is one of … Continue reading #80 – Sad Puppeh

#79 – Advent Day Twenty-Three

Only two more sleeps before the fat man in a beard comes a-visitin’, I hear Santa may visit too *boom tish crash*. Today’s offering is very red and black. We have the advent gift for day twenty-two from¬†Delirium Style, a stylish red shirt and tie from¬†Coepio¬†for today, and the latest group gift/christmas gift from¬†Gabriel. Jacket (left): ¬†¬†Delirium Style¬†– Cruisin’ Jacket¬†(Advent Twenty-two ‚Äď Group required, 99l to join) (avail until Dec 24) Body tape: ¬†Nana¬†– My Tape Sweater (middle): ¬†Gabriel¬†– High-Necked Sweater (group gift, free to join) Shirt/tie (right): ¬†Coepio¬†– Mr Right¬†(Advent Day Twenty-Three ‚Äď Group required, free to join) (one … Continue reading #79 – Advent Day Twenty-Three

#78 – Waiting…

My mother use to say ‘red and green should never be seen’ but I say ‘what about roses?’. It’s apparently an old sailing saying and has, thankfully, nothing to do with fashion as today is very much about red and green. Sweater: ¬†PopTart – Male Winter Sweater (group gift, free to join) Shorts: ¬†Coepio¬†– Mr Summerdream Capri¬†(Advent Day Twenty-Two ‚Äď Group required, free to join) (one day only) Hat/hair: ¬†LeLutka – Vent Hair (group gift, free to join) Sneakers: ¬†Sus Store & Voombulls¬†‚Äď Sneakers (Advent Day Twenty-Two – no group required)(one day only) Space Hopper: ¬†Abranimations¬†‚Äď Santa Hopper ¬†(Advent Day … Continue reading #78 – Waiting…

#77 – Talk Nerdy to Me

A few advent gifts, group gift, and a freebie. Also today’s advent gift from¬†Coepio¬†is the same one as Day Two that I posted here so if you missed it then now is your chance to get it! Shirt: ¬†/XIAJ/¬†‚Äď Dress Shirt (group gift in notices, comes with color HUD) Pants: ¬†Delirium Style¬†– Chillin¬†(Advent Twenty ‚Äď Group required, 99l to join) (avail until Dec 24) Hat: ¬†Nana – Xmas 2013 gift (free gift – no group required) Hair: ¬†Dura¬†– 3rd anniversary gift hair (group gift, free to join) Glasses: ¬†Delirium Style¬†– Chillin¬†(Advent Twenty ‚Äď Group required, 99l to join) (avail until … Continue reading #77 – Talk Nerdy to Me

#76 – Advent Day Twenty

Only five more days until Christmas! This is my first time blogging over Christmas and I’m blown away by the generosity of the designers. There have been some amazing gifts given out. I was reminded recently that a lot of designers tend to only hear from customers with complaints and rarely get any good feedback or thanks, especially for the gifts they give out. So, if you have a favorite designer, outfit, or store then I encourage you to send a quick notecard with thanks and appreciation. It could really make someone’s day! Jacket/tank: ¬†Coepio¬†– Mr. Relaxe¬†(Advent Day Twenty ‚Äď … Continue reading #76 – Advent Day Twenty

#75 – Advent Day Nineteen

For those loyally following the advent gifts out in second life, getting online every day can sometimes be difficult, thankfully some stores are leaving their gifts out all month. Both¬†Emo-tions¬†and¬†Delirium Style¬†have all previous days available. Jacket: ¬†Delirium Style¬†– Holiday Jacket¬†(Advent nineteen ‚Äď Group required, 99l to join) (avail until Dec 24) Pants: ¬†Delirium Style¬†– Ho ho ho male ¬†(Advent eighteen ‚Äď Group required, 99l to join) (avail until Dec 24) Hair: ¬†Emo-tions¬†– Weak¬†(Advent Nineteen ‚Äď group required, free to join) (avail until Dec 24) Boots:¬†Lavarock Creations¬†‚Äď Black patched boots¬†(group gift no longer in notices) Continue reading #75 – Advent Day Nineteen

#74 – Advent Day Eighteen

The pants are the advent gift from¬†Coepio¬†today. The top hat and gloves (and monocle, which is hard to see in the picture) are part of a Steampunk Collection from Yasum Design. Unfortunately they were only available at the Fantasy Collective, which has now ended, but I have heard from a little birdy they will be available in the main store sometime in February. Pants: ¬†Coepio¬†– Mr. One¬†(Advent Day Eighteen ‚Äď Group required, free to join) (one day only) Gloves: ¬†Yasum Design – Pegan Steam Gloves (not currently available, previous fantasy collective item) Top hat: ¬†Yasum Design¬†– Steampunk Hat *unisex* (not … Continue reading #74 – Advent Day Eighteen

#73 – Champagne and Axix

Quick post right now to show off the Christmas gift from Champagne and the new Oh Deer bag from Axix @ Suicide Dolls. Time-critical advent post for today coming up shortly! Outfit: ¬†Champagne – Christmas Lover (free gift, no group required) Shoes: Gabriel – Male Dress Shoes (group gift, free to join) Hair:¬†Emo-tions¬†– Escape (Advent Seventeen ‚Äď group required, free to join) (avail until Dec 24)(girl’s gift) Antlers: ¬†Delirium Style¬†– Reindeer Antlers (Advent Seventeen ‚Äď Group required, 99l to join) (avail until Dec 24) Bag: ¬†Axix @ Suicide Dollz Event – Oh! Deer Bag (Oh my deer) ** NEW ** Continue reading #73 – Champagne and Axix

#72 – Advent Day Seventeen

Several items today. Advent gifts from¬†Delirium Style,¬†Coepio,¬†Emo-tions, and¬†Sus Store & Voombulls. The trench coat is a group gift from /XIAJ/¬†¬†that is only available in the notices so will be available for 14 days. It only comes in size small since it’s a fix but if you like the style then it is available to buy at Kustom9. Jacket: ¬†/XIAJ/ – Jaix Trench Coats Fix/Gift (group gift in notices, only comes in size small mesh) Meggings: ¬†Coepio¬†– Mr. Meggings (previous advent gift no longer available) Boots: ¬†GoS¬†‚Äď Triumph Boots Hair: ¬†Wasabi Pills¬†‚Äď Teeloh Pose/prop:¬†Axix¬†– Traveler Rocker Special PosePack BOY From left … Continue reading #72 – Advent Day Seventeen

#71 – Advent Day Sixteen

SantaJestyr called in some help from a friend for today’s post. I think he’s on several people’s naughty AND nice list. Today’s advent gifts are from¬†Coepio¬†and¬†Delirium Style. On Kei (left and right): Shirt and tie: ¬†Delirium Style¬†– Skinny tie and shirt¬†(Advent Day Fourteen ‚Äď Group required, 99l to join) (avail until Dec 24) Shorts: ¬†Coepio¬†– Mr. New¬†(Advent Day Sixteen ‚Äď Group required, free to join) (one day only) On SantaJestyr (middle): Jacket: ¬†Delirium Style¬†– Justin Jacket ** NEW ** Pants: ¬†Delirium Style¬†–¬†Aiden Cargo Pants Boots: ¬†Lavarock Creations¬†‚Äď Black patched boots¬†(group gift no longer in notices) Hat/hair: ¬†eXxEsS¬†‚Äď X-mas Gift 2013¬†(free … Continue reading #71 – Advent Day Sixteen

#69 – Advent Day Fourteen

Today’s advent gift from¬†Coepio¬†are these low rise pants aptly called Mr Lowjeans. Note that these jeans are indeed very LOW to the point where it would be physically impossible to not fall out, but this is Second Life and even extreme tucking is possible ūüėõ Jeans: ¬†Coepio¬†– Mr. Lowjeans¬†(Advent Day Fourteen ‚Äď Group required, free to join) (one day only) Tank: ¬†Guarded Cross – Skull Santa V-Neck Sleeve-less T-Shirt (freebie along with a ton of other mesh shirts) Boots: ¬†Lavarock Creations¬†‚Äď Black patched boots¬†(group gift no longer in notices) Hat/Hair: ¬†eXxEsS – X-mas Gift 2013 (free gift, no group required) … Continue reading #69 – Advent Day Fourteen

#68 – Advent Day Thirteen (One Day Only)

The Twelve Days of Christmas started at 22769 at midnight and today’s offering is a hat and dangling mittens (not shown) and a scarf. Delirium Style have these boxers (comes with three other prints as well) for Day Eleven (available until the 24th). Apparently Mr Gnome liked the boxers so much he pants me so I’d show them. Cheeky lil snot! Jacket: ¬†¬†Coepio¬†– Mr Leather II¬†(Advent Day Thirteen ‚Äď Group required, free to join) (one day only) Boxers: ¬†Delirium Style¬†– Male boxers – retro (Advent Day Eleven ‚Äď Group required, 99l to join) (avail until Dec 24) Scarf: ¬†22769 – … Continue reading #68 – Advent Day Thirteen (One Day Only)

#67 – Advent Day Twelve

A little gothic offering from¬†Sus Store & Voombulls¬†for today’s Advent gift with this skully santa sweater. The hair and earmuffs are a group gift from Argrace and I mentioned the gloves from Gabriel a few days ago. Sweater: ¬†Sus Store & Voombulls¬†– Black Xmas (Advent Day Twelve –¬†no group required ‚Äď males need to click on the calendar with the girl on the front) Jeans: ¬†¬†Spearsong¬†‚Äď Black Rocker Kiss My Ass Jeans Gloves: ¬†GABRIEL¬†–¬†Knit Gloves/Snow (free gift @¬†Jewelry & Accessories Expo) Boots: ¬†Lavarock Creations¬†‚Äď Black patched boots¬†(group gift in notices, free to join) Hair/earmuffs: ¬†Argrace – Ear muff with “Moonlight” … Continue reading #67 – Advent Day Twelve

#65 – Advent Day Ten (One Day Only)

Some advent gifts and freebies today. The sled freebie from Roawenwood is one of my favorite things right now. It’s a wearable with built-in AO that lets you drag around the present-filled sled. It makes me feel like a christmas elf! Not shown but worth grabbing today are the advent gifts from Sus Store & Voombulls¬†(formal shoes for guys) and Emo-tions¬†(long hair for guys). Shirt and Vest: ¬†Coepio¬†– Mr. Cutie¬†(Advent Day Ten ‚Äď Group required, free to join) (one day only) Shorts: ¬†Delirium Style¬†– Unisex Baggy Bermuda w. Texture HUD Boots: ¬†GoS¬†‚Äď Triumph Boots Gloves:¬†GABRIEL¬†–¬†Knit Gloves/Snow (free gift @¬†Jewelry & … Continue reading #65 – Advent Day Ten (One Day Only)