#76 – Advent Day Twenty

dec20-2Only five more days until Christmas! This is my first time blogging over Christmas and I’m blown away by the generosity of the designers. There have been some amazing gifts given out. I was reminded recently that a lot of designers tend to only hear from customers with complaints and rarely get any good feedback or thanks, especially for the gifts they give out. So, if you have a favorite designer, outfit, or store then I encourage you to send a quick notecard with thanks and appreciation. It could really make someone’s day!


  • Jacket/tank:  Coepio – Mr. Relaxe (Advent Day Twenty – Group required, free to join) (one day only)
  • Jeans:  Delirium Style – Danny Jeans
  • Sneakers:  BLK2.0 – Vintage Black Sneakers (Group Gift – free to join)
  • Hat/hair:  Calico Ingmann – Lucian (freebie – no group required)
  • Watch:  Sus Store & Voombulls – Man’s watch (Advent Day Twenty – no group required) 
  • Tattoo:  GID – Possession Red (freebie – no group required) 




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