#108 – Darkside Emperors

SWaGGa has released these awesome new cargo pants that come in a multitude of colors. Also new is the backpack from Nana. There are several in different designs. And finally the scarf is a freebie from CheerNo. With Men Only Gacha starting tomorrow I haven’t been posting too many freebies lately but will post a bunch tomorrow for your freebie-hunting needs. Sweater:  Rebell – Simple longsleeve (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Pants: SWaGGa – Modern Cargo ** NEW RELEASE ** Backpack (repositioned and modified): Nana – Darkside Backpack ** NEW RELEASE ** Scarf: CheerNo – Scarf Tricot (freebie – no group required) Boots:  GoS – Triumph … Continue reading #108 – Darkside Emperors

#107 – Blackjack

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins –  Max (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Hat: Our Homme – Mister Depp fedora *blackjack RARE* (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Mask: Suicide Gurls – Living Dead Mask *bloody RARE* (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Harness:  SWaGGa – Sports Harness Tattoo: Rebell – Little Stars (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Hair: Emo-tions – Jackson (previous advent 2013 gift) Wing: BareRose – Arch Fang Wing (Free raffle prize)  For more details about the Men Only Gacha 2 visit this page. I’ll update with an url when the event opens.   Continue reading #107 – Blackjack

#106 – Freefall

Shirt: Rebell – Leather Shirt (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Pants: Lavarock Creations – Eraser Pants ** NEW RELEASE ** Boots: American Bazaar – Funky Boots UK (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Gas mask: Epia – Reaper Gasmask *RARE* (Fantasy Carnival Gacha preview – starts February 1st) Helmet: Epia – Old Pilot Helmet (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Tattoo (chest): Rebell – Little Stars (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Tattoo (arms): Rebell – Heart Attack (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Necklace: Elysium – Pluto Necklace (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Gloves:  Yasum Design – Pegan Steam Gloves (not currently available, … Continue reading #106 – Freefall

#105 – Boy

Hat: Elysium – ‘Boy’ hat (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Hair: [Colors] (Heavily modified) Glasses: Elysium – meh optics (materials enabled) (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Shirt: Phunk – Zebra Shirt & Tee (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Piercings: HoD – The Dead Skin: Hermony – Leon ** NEW RELEASE ** Facial hair: Hermony – Facial Hair – Soul Patch   Continue reading #105 – Boy

#104 – Sk8er Boi

Some more preview items from the Men Only Gacha 2 that starts on February 1st. Remember these items range in price from 25l to 100l per play. Tank: Zanzo – Deactivated Henley Tank (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Shorts: TattooArt – Baggy Shorts Route66 Red ** Rare** (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Boots: American Bazaar – Funky Boots UK (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Beanie: TattooArt – Bonnet Hiphop SWAG (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Bag: Cashmere & Keane – Epitome Backpack (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st) Skateboard: YP – Blue Scary Handz (MOG2 preview item – starts … Continue reading #104 – Sk8er Boi

#103 – Accidental Tourist

Shirt:  Corvus – Gasmask Jared Shirt ** NEW RELEASE ** Necklace: SWaGGa – Fabric Rope Necklace ** NEW RELEASE **  Gloves: MiGue – Men’s Arm Warmers (group gift – free to join) Shorts: Delirium Style – Travel Shorts Skin: Hermony – Leon ** NEW RELEASE ** Hair: CheerNo – Enzo (previous Dressing Room item) Pose: AW – Open legs 2 (marketplace freebie) Continue reading #103 – Accidental Tourist

#101 – No Salvation

No Salvation  has been around Second Life for a number of years now, most famously known for the huge cathedral-like building that dominated the sim. It was there that fans of industrial and all things vampy and dark would gather. Recently a store has opened up there selling men’s and women’s clothing with a somewhat gothic feel. This suit (the jacket and pants are bought separately but go together nicely) is discounted to 25l each for group members. There is also a midnight mania board for both males and females. The selection is small right now but I’m sure it will … Continue reading #101 – No Salvation

#100 – Route 66

Men Only Gacha 2 starts on February 1st and I have a few teasers to show you today. What is Men Only Gacha 2? Well it’s like the Arcade or Oh My Gacha except instead of it being 90% for girls, it’s 100% for guys! The items will range between 70-100l per play so it’s a good way to get some cheap stuff too. Unless you play the machines A LOT, which let’s face it, gachas are addicting. Today’s teaser are these shorts from TattooArt and the shape from Mr. Bloch. Shorts:  TattooArt – Baggy Shorts Route66 Red ** Rare** … Continue reading #100 – Route 66

#98 – Molting

Rebell  has released this new tattoo, it goes up around the neck and a lot lower than these pants show but I’m feeling a little modest today. Also new hair from Exile. On a completely different note, I’ve almost reached 100 posts so to celebrate I’m going to be doing a little giveaway. Stay tuned in the next few days for details. Tattoo: Rebell – Deathbed Tattoo ** NEW ** Hair: Exile – Nothing Else Matters ** NEW ** Skin:  Hermony – Leon ** NEW ** Pants: Delirium Style – Envy Me Armwarmers: MiGue – Men’s Arm Warmers (group gift – free to join) Wings and goggles: Nana – Icarus Steampunk … Continue reading #98 – Molting

#97 – Emergency Landing

There are many events going on right now but I’m showing off some items from two of my favourites. The jacket is the new release from Razor at the Men’s Department, and the satchel is one of the gacha items on offer from XIAJ at Seasons Story. I must add that possibly due to lag I never received the satchel from the gacha but after dropping a notecard to Superjaix I received the item very promptly. I applaud good and prompt customer service! Jacket:  Razor @ Men’s Dept – Badlands Jacket ** NEW ** Pants:  Rebell – Skinny Pants Satchel: XIAJ @ … Continue reading #97 – Emergency Landing

#95 – Anti-You

Teeshirt:  Lumiere @ CSR – Tentacle Piping (group gift – free to join) *note this is large size only and comes with no alpha layer* Pants: Dystorted – F-Off Cargo Pants (group gift – free to join) Sneakers: Eudora 3D @ The Men’s Department – Blaze High Tops – (group gift – free to join) Bag:  XIAJ – Anti-You Clutch (group gift in notices only – free to join) Hair:  Tableau Vivant – Resident Hair (Holidays 2013 group gift – 50l to join) Continue reading #95 – Anti-You

#94 – The Survivors

On left: Sweater:  Barerose – Bukka Bukka Boy Pants:  Balkanik 2.0 – 2Low Baggy Sneakers:  UBU – Porn Star Lo-Tops (non-mesh) (marketplace only) Hat/hair:  CheerNo – Lee Skin:  Egoisme – Jake In middle: Sweater:  Yasum Designs – Big Jump Pants:  Yasum Designs – Steampunk baggies ** NEW ** Sneakers:  DOZZE – Dare Sneakers Mix (marketplace store only) Hair: CheerNo @ The Dressing Room Fusion – Enzo fatpack (discounted to 70l for the event) Skin:  Hermony – Leon ** NEW ** On right: Tank:  Ronsem – Cut-off T Jeans: Redgrave – Heavy Used Jeans and Belt Classic Cut Sneakers: Balkanik 2.0 – Vintage Black Sneakers (Group Gift – free to join) Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette … Continue reading #94 – The Survivors

#93 – Apple May, DossiEr, LNS

Every week Apple May Design picks one item and discounts it down to 25l. This week it’s the black version of the Worn Denim jeans. The discount is available until January 18th then it goes back up to full price. Another item from the Oh, What the Future Holds hunt, this time it’s the cowl/mask from LNS Designs. Hoodie:  DossiEr – Hoodie #6 (group gift – free to join) Jeans:  Apple May Design  – Worn Denim Jeans – Black (discounted to 25l until January 18th) Cowl/mask: LNS Designs – Apocalypse Yesterday (OWTFH hunt – until January 31st) Sneakers: DOZZE – Dare Sneakers Mix (marketplace … Continue reading #93 – Apple May, DossiEr, LNS

#92 – Tellaq

Showing some more skin today. This time it is the more masculine/muscled skin from Tellaq. Gregory is the midnight mania item and you get both the skin and a modifiable shape. The item changes regularly but if you’re looking for a muscled or black skin, then Tellaq is the place to look. I promise to start wearing more clothes in tomorrow’s post! Skin:  Tellaq – Gregory (midnight mania prize – group required – free to join) Shape: Tellaq – Gregory (modified)  (midnight mania prize – group required – free to join) Jeans:  Redgrave – Heavy Used Jeans and Belt Classic … Continue reading #92 – Tellaq