#94 – The Survivors


On left:

  • Sweater:  Barerose – Bukka Bukka Boy
  • Pants:  Balkanik 2.0 – 2Low Baggy
  • Sneakers:  UBU – Porn Star Lo-Tops (non-mesh) (marketplace only)
  • Hat/hair:  CheerNo – Lee
  • Skin:  Egoisme – Jake

In middle:

On right:

  • Tank:  Ronsem – Cut-off T
  • Jeans: Redgrave – Heavy Used Jeans and Belt Classic Cut
  • Sneakers: Balkanik 2.0 – Vintage Black Sneakers (Group Gift – free to join)
  • Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette
  • Hair: Dura – Boys & Girls 42

Pose and props:  Magnifique Poses – Zombie Hunters (previous Zombie Popcorn hunt item now 10l on marketplace)

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