#101 – No Salvation

jan23-1No Salvation  has been around Second Life for a number of years now, most famously known for the huge cathedral-like building that dominated the sim. It was there that fans of industrial and all things vampy and dark would gather. Recently a store has opened up there selling men’s and women’s clothing with a somewhat gothic feel. This suit (the jacket and pants are bought separately but go together nicely) is discounted to 25l each for group members. There is also a midnight mania board for both males and females. The selection is small right now but I’m sure it will expand soon. The awesome guitar is a raffle prize from BareRose.

  • Jacket and tie:  No Salvation – Forsaken Skulls Suit Coat with Tie (25l group gift – free to join)
  • Pants: No Salvation – Men’s Color Block Skulls Cargo Pants (25l group gift – free to join)
  • Guitar:  BareRose – Dokuro Guitar (raffle prize freebie)
  • Skin: Mr. Bloch – Alex (tone 1) (MOG2 preview item – starts February 1st)




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