#137 – I got the carrot

mar6-1Try as I might I always enter the Arcade event with the hopes of snagging some rares. I rarely do. This month I scored two of them! *snoopy dance* Today I’m showcasing the Petit hair from Tableau Vivant. It’s 50l per play and you have the chance to win various colour packs with various plushie head toppers. The plushes are separate so you’re not permanently stuck with an animal on your head but they are cute. And although there are ‘Male Fit’ rare packs I didn’t really notice much of a difference between the normal and the male fit so don’t let that put you off from trying if you’re looking for a long hair style. The sweater is the Megastuff hunt prize from Kmadd and comes in Winter (shown) or Spring (blue) versions and is totally free.

  • Hair and plushie: Tableau Vivant @ the Arcade – Petit Hair (male fit 2 rare) (50l per play at the Arcade event until March 31st)
  • Sweater: KMADD – V-neck Sweater (Megastuff hunt – free – March 1st to March 31st)
  • TattooAxix @ Fantasy Room – 5th Chakra Tattoo (Fantasy Room Event – March 5th – March 25th)
  • Piercings: HoD – Reno Reloaded ** NEW RELEASE **
  • Eyes: Plastik – Lionheart bloodless gold
  • Skin: Fruk – Bennet – Thanatos edition (exclusive item at a previous Mens Dept)



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