#140 – Zombie Nation Army


The American Officer Formal Suit is the latest release from Epia. It comes with multiple colour options and has an option to hide or show the pants in case you wanted to wear something different with the jacket. I snagged the rare zombie backpack from DRD at the Arcade and after a weekend spent killing zombies (the virtual kind, obviously!) I decided turnabout was fair play, Mmmmm brains!

  • Suit: Epia – American Officer Formal ** NEW RELEASE **
  • Shoes: Epia – Dress Shoes
  • HairTableau Vivant @ the Arcade – Petit Hair (male fit 2 rare) (50l per play at the Arcade event until March 31st)
  • Skin: Fruk – Bennet – Thanatos edition (exclusive item at a previous Mens Dept)
  • HandsDRD – Demon hands (male)
  • Fangs: Gauze – Nightmare – Uneven
  • Helmet: DRD – Zombie Nazi Helmet (part of the Nazi Zombie avatar)
  • Backpack: DRD @ the Arcade – Zombie apoc – Backpack (rare) (Available at the Arcade until March 31st)
  • Brain and spine: DLS – Zombie Brain Buddy (part of the Zombie! male avatar)
  • Zombie army: I deprived a busload of Monday morning commuters of their morning coffee and made them pose for me


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