#143 – Wake up here

mar13-2Some more new releases from SWaGGa today. The b-boy shorts come with a HUD to change colours on both the shorts and the boxers. It is also FitMesh. The official viewer and the latest Firestorm and Singularity viewers seem to support it but always check the demos first. I recently found out that FitMesh (which comes in one size) are much more adaptable than older mesh. Jean legs too skinny? Now you can adjust your shape to make thicker and more muscled pant legs. And by changing your foot size you are able to resize the pants over shoes and boots. The latter is great news!

  • ShortsSWaGGa – B-Boy Shorts (Fitmesh) ** NEW RELEASE **
  • Shirt: Smart or Not – Cropped Shirt (marketplace only link)
  • SneakersSWaGGa – Sk8 Shoes red/wht ** NEW RELEASE **
  • Hat: Action @ Mens Dept – Swagga Hat (available at the mens dept for the March 2014 round)
  • Hair: Action @ Mens Dept – Jimmy Hair (available at the mens dept for the March 2014 round)
  • Skin: Egoisme – Jake
  • PiercingsHoD – Screw Piercing set (includes face, chest/nipples and stomach/hips piercings)



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