#146 – St Paddy’s Day

mar17-1Couple of group gifts for you today to help you celebrate St Paddy’s day. The skin is a pre-release special version group gift by Titzuki that comes with the ginger beard on the skin. This may be a limited edition offer so make sure you grab it soon, especially if you don’t have a ginger skin in your inventory!

  • Skin: Titzuki – Andrei – St Patrick’s Day Skin (Group gift – free to join – may be limited offer)
  • Jacket: Poison – Poison vest (Group gift – free to join – male and female versions available)
  • Hat: SWaGGa  – Paddy fitted cap (Group gift – free to join)
  • Necklace: Black Design – Rock Bunker Necklace (marketplace freebie)
  • CuffsPure Poison – Leather cuffs
  • Jail and pose: Exposeur – You may not (free gift – no group required)



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