#193 – Want some candy?

It’s just your run-of-the-mill tooth fairy here, no not the one with the tutu. Remarkable Oblivion has given us the sweet tooth and served up a bunch of candy-inspired gear for the Arcade starting on June 1st. These horns are a rare in the gacha but there are also hats and other sugary rush items too. The piercings I had worn a few posts ago but as promised here is a better close-up look at them. They come in various colours and are available at a discounted price of 66l at Tengoku no Rakuen. Today is the last day of the event … Continue reading #193 – Want some candy?

#192 – Hand full of promises

Today’s sampling comes from a few events, including two that start on June 1st – the Arcade Gatcha event and the Men Only Hunt 4. Shirt: American Bazaar @ TDSF – SS with tie Grey ** The Dark Style Fair – May 17th – June 7th ** Shorts: tomboi – Saturday Shorts ** Hunt item for MOH4 – June 1st – June 15th ** Sandals: American Bazaar – Men flipflop (requires Slink male feet) ** Hunt item for MOH4 – June 1st – June 15th ** Glasses: Random Matter @ TDSF – Grime Glasses ** The Dark Style Fair – May 17th – June … Continue reading #192 – Hand full of promises

#191 – MOH4

MOH4 or Men Only Hunt 4 is a hunt that starts on June 1st until June 15th and involves 65 stores. The best news, they are all for guys! I haven’t posted hunt items for a while so I will try and cover as much of the event as I can over the next few days. Today’s offering is from K , Arise, Sourires Tattoos, and 7mad;Ravens Shorts: Arise – Sum Shorts ** Hunt item for MOH4 – June 1st – June 15th ** Tank: K – My Daily Tank Top ** Hunt item for MOH4 – June 1st – June 15th ** … Continue reading #191 – MOH4

#190 – Lure of the Labyrinth

The jacket is a new release from Coepio. It comes with a HUD that gives you multiple colours and lets you also change the colours of the straps and studs/zipper. The gloves from Razor also give you a colour-change HUD with more options than you would probably ever need. There are a few versions of these gloves at various events with their own distinct look, these are the Foe gloves available at The Dark Style Fair. What’s really nice about these is that they fit with your slink hands or work just as well without slink too. Jacket: Coepio – … Continue reading #190 – Lure of the Labyrinth

#189 – Ice Cream Social

Darker, gothy types or those of that ilk just love a hot summer day with a the blistering sun beating down on their delicate porcelain skin.. NOT. But we do love ice cream. Tentacio @ Kustom9  has a summer time gacha full of ice cream cones, kitty ice lollies, milkshakes, and the motherload of all donuts as a rare. Tentacio is also at Serafilms with the Goblin Boom purse. The event has a movie theme each month and this month it’s Labyrinth. Remember kids, not all creatures of the night disappear when the sun comes out. We just go red very fast. … Continue reading #189 – Ice Cream Social

#188 – Watching you..

New release from SWaGGa. Aiden comes as a full fitmesh outfit that includes coat, sweater, pants, mask, hat, and gun. It can also be worn in several ways such as just the coat, the coat/mask/shirt with no pants, the coat and shirt with no mask and no pants, or even just the shirt. The phone is part of a free pose collection available from Label Motion. Outfit: SWaGGa – Aiden ** NEW RELEASE ** (includes gun) Phone: Label Motion – My mobile phone gift ** freebie – no group required ** Pose: My own Location: Metropolis City Continue reading #188 – Watching you..

#187 – Monstah Mash

LL has recently released, or updated, the beginner avatars that new players can choose from. There are now options for full mesh avatars and like before you have a choice between normal Joe/Jane Doe types or a little darker with a selection of vampires, werewolves, and zombies. I’m showing off the darker types today. You don’t need to create a new avi to get these either, you can find them, for free, in your Library under Clothing > Initial Outfits. The clothing can be be removed from the avatar but only some of them have their own alpha layers. I … Continue reading #187 – Monstah Mash

#186 – Crimson Lover

Skin: Aeros – Teghran (slink hands and feet appliers sold separately) ** NEW RELEASE ** Hair: Taketomi – Godou Tongue: CheerNo – Tongue – cream Ears: Speakeasy – Spiral Mesh ears  Neck tattoo:  Axix @ FCG – Morpehus Tattoo 5 ** NEW RELEASE @ Fantasy Carnival Gacha starting May 4th ** Hand: Slink – AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax Hand bruises: Clemm @ TDSF – Damaged hands ** The Dark Style Fair – May 17th – June 7th ** Piercings: HoD – Screw Piercing set (includes face, chest/nipples and stomach/hips piercings) Continue reading #186 – Crimson Lover

#185 – Evolution Orange

The Dark Style Fair has started so if you’re looking to darken your life a little make sure you have a look. The event only lasts three weeks. The face mask and horns (two separate items) are both available there from Aesthetica. The hat/hair combo is a new release from Ayashi, and the shirt is a new event release at She & Him from Dynasty. Oh and it’s also the anniversary of Chapter Four and several designers have put out a free gift for the Chapter Four group members. Expect a lot of girl stuff but there are some unisex … Continue reading #185 – Evolution Orange

#184 – Top O’ the World

The Dark Style Fair opens on May 17th and promises to cater to all your dark/goth needs. There seems to be a good amount of unisex or male items so far so definitely worth checking out if you like indulging in your dark side. I have a few preview items to show you from there today, including the face chain and necklace from Scrub, the wings from Suicide Gurls, and the amazing gauntlets from Remarkable Oblivion. The gauntlets come with a HUD to change colours and poses, and the best part you can turn on/off an animation that makes the … Continue reading #184 – Top O’ the World

#183 – Man Vs Machine

The latest round of the Mens Dept started last week and it’s important to note that they moved sims. As of posting there is no search result yet for them so make sure you grab the newest/latest slurl here. I mention the Mens Dept since it’s one of the top male specific events but also this awesome outfit from Epia is one of the offerings this month. It’s a long coat with pants combo with the optional hide/show scarf and the usual colour combination choices you’ve come to expect from Epia. The machine portion of the image is a freebie … Continue reading #183 – Man Vs Machine

#182 – Idle hands

Took some time to recharge the batteries and now I’m ready to get back to it… well almost. It’s Monday and I’m still feeling a little lazy so I think I’ll just lay here for a little longer…. The undies are a group gift from Ap.Parel  and the fabric necklace is also a group gift from .Shi The discarded cowboy hat and boots are marketplace freebies from Riders. Both tattoos are new releases, the arm tats from Monkey House and the neck tat from Axix @ FCG. Undies: Ap.Parel – Flaunt it Brief ** group gift – free to join **  Necklace: .Shi – Ravel … Continue reading #182 – Idle hands

#181 – Mocap Shop

The Mocap Shop is a new motion capture store. It currently features two new male AO’s. Alpha and Delta. Each AO has 8 stands, 2 walks, 2 sits, 2 ground sits, and the usual turning, flying, and swimming animations. Some of the stands involve little subtle movements while others ‘walk’ your avatar around. And the best part, they are only 399l each or you can get the double pack for 799. There are also a few free dances available. I haven’t done much video capture in SL so the quality of the below video isn’t great but it’s just a … Continue reading #181 – Mocap Shop

#180 – Meh

So I’ve been wearing the new tee hood from VRSION since it came out and I’m going to try and resist wearing it in future posts but it’s going to be hard, I LOVE this thing! It’s fitmesh so fits really well, even over other clothes (that I’ve tried anyways) and is large enough to accommodate most hairs. Plus it fits my meh mood of late. It’s like a portable pillow fort for my head! And then .Shi drops this frayed cardigan as a group gift and I reach dressed down nirvana. It comes with mesh fingertips that work with almost-too-big … Continue reading #180 – Meh

#179 – Let’s make a deal..

Tomorrow is the last day of Menswear Fashion week 2014 and this is my last post for the event. And what better way than going out in style in two of the suits available. If you’re looking for a suit this was the event to get one, for sure. The boots are also a new release from A&Y Bunker. They come in male and female sizes and both short and long versions. They are also fitmesh, which means they fit the size of your legs. Left: Suit: Just Because @ MWFW – NYNY Suit ** Available April 25th- May 3rd @ … Continue reading #179 – Let’s make a deal..

#178 – Dead Channel

I recently watched Pacific Rim (crap plot, awesome robots) and have been in a bit of a cyberpunk/bladerunner/akira mood. It’s also a new month, which means new events coming soon full of new awesome stuffs. The armor plate and dragon-hand bracers are from Swagga’s first outing at the Fantasy Carnival Gacha that opens on May 4th. And the skin, which I have been blogging the last few days, will be at the Mens Dept this month. Shirt: Illmatic @ MWFW – Nip Slink Tank ** Available April 25th- May 3rd @ MWFW ’14 ** Shorts: Ronsem – JJ 1 Pants Bracers: SWaGGa @ … Continue reading #178 – Dead Channel