#183 – Man Vs Machine


The latest round of the Mens Dept started last week and it’s important to note that they moved sims. As of posting there is no search result yet for them so make sure you grab the newest/latest slurl here. I mention the Mens Dept since it’s one of the top male specific events but also this awesome outfit from Epia is one of the offerings this month. It’s a long coat with pants combo with the optional hide/show scarf and the usual colour combination choices you’ve come to expect from Epia. The machine portion of the image is a freebie from Renns. It’s a wearable machine that puts you in the cockpit and includes an AO to make it move realistically.

  • Outfit: Epia @ Mens Dept – Candy Coat Outfit ** NEW RELEASE @ TMD – MAY **
  • Hair: Wasabi Pills – Michelle
  • Skin: Aeros – Teghran (slink hands and feet appliers sold separately) ** NEW RELEASE **
  • Ears:  Schadenfreude – Fey Ears
  • Nose strap: Mays Soul @ Fantasy Room – Strap male ** NEW RELEASE @ Fantasy Room **
  • Mesh hands: Slink – AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
  • Robot: Renns TRAUM – BattleMech GrassHopper ** freebie – no group required **

Location: Kowloon


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