#187 – Monstah Mash


LL has recently released, or updated, the beginner avatars that new players can choose from. There are now options for full mesh avatars and like before you have a choice between normal Joe/Jane Doe types or a little darker with a selection of vampires, werewolves, and zombies. I’m showing off the darker types today. You don’t need to create a new avi to get these either, you can find them, for free, in your Library under Clothing > Initial Outfits. The clothing can be be removed from the avatar but only some of them have their own alpha layers. I kind of wanted to try the zombie’s pants (not shown) on my ‘normal’ avi, for instance, but they didn’t have an alpha. I haven’t tried mix n matching other clothing/avatars just yet but to be honest to me they seem like complete characters and not really something you expand on. They are, afterall, meant to be a first experience to the NEW player. Although I could definitely see them being good for roleplay or a themed party.

  • Left to right: Vampire Fabian, Vampire Hunter Angus, Wolfman Hugo, Vampire Curtis, Vampire Tristan.
  • All poses: Del May
  • Location: No Salvation (adult sim)

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