#205 – Arcade Rules


Long time followers of my blog will know that I have a bit of a wing fetish so today I must gush about these wings from 7mad;Raven. They will be a gacha prize from the OMG – Oh My Gacha event that starts on July 1st. I was lucky enough to get my hands on them a little early so I can tease you all.  Think of them as a neon sign strapped to your back with metal posts and a hanging electrical cord. The neon tubes glow and you have the option of flicker on/off. You even get the electrical buzzing sound. There are 10 types, 8 commons and 2 rares. Cutesy in the form of fairy, dragonfly, butterfly, and of course the chibi angel/devil. Demon, archangel, and the bat (which made me feel like batman). And the two rares, raven, and the one I’m showing on the left – broken. I’m sure I’ll show off some of the others in later posts, did I mention I have a wing fetish? Also worth noting is the picture was taken on Sandalphon sim. The owner, Nigel Riel, has opened it up to the public and it features a beach and town centre area. Build is off so you can rez your poses etc. It is a private sim with homes so respect that if you go but photography is encouraged. I had fun exploring while waiting for my home sim to restart.

  • Wings: 7mad;Raven @ Oh My Gacha – Broken wings RARE – ** coming soon @ OMG-Oh My Gacha – July 1st – July 15th **
  • Helmet: Ispachi @ Arcade – Aries Helmet ** Gacha item @ Arcade June 2014 **
  • Jacket: Lavarock Creations – Enforcer Male
  • Horns: DirtyStories – Dragon Inside Horns
  • Eyes: VerseEye – Seranade – Flame ** NEW **

Location:  Sandalphon


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