#217 – Surf’s up, dude


It’s almost the end of the month which means a lot of events are winding down and so this is your friendly reminder to get around to shopping now before it’s too late. But it also means new events are right around the corner. Got some new releases from American Bazaar today for those still looking to find their summer vibe.

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#216 – I’ve found Serenity



FATEplay has released a bunch of new outfits in time for their one year anniversary. The theme is inspired by ‘everyone’s favourite nuclear holocaust simulator’. To me they screamed Firefly – that much loved but sadly quickly canceled tv show and so I opted for a space cowboy type of post. It just goes to show how surprisingly versatile the look can be. Also good to note is that FATEplay is having a photo competition – all you have to do is submit a picture to the official FATEdesign flickr group some time before August 21st.

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#215 – Grey Summer Days

july24-1AD6 is a new event that starts tomorrow (july 25th). The concept is a little different than normal events. They have one location where you can purchase items, like the Tableau Vivant hair in the picture, and inside your purchase you get a Discount HUD. This HUD is then used at the brand’s mainstore where you can purchase, for a limited time, another selected item at a promotional price.

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#213 – Grimorum Arcanorum


Fantasy Carnival Gacha’s new round will be starting in August but I have some teasers for you so you can start saving up those lindens. The pants (with attached boots) are from SWaGGa and feature soft-padded armor and a look that works well for various genres. There are various colours (it is a gacha afterall) and the rare is a pirate set complete with pegleg. The battle fans are from BlackPearls and also come in a variety of colours, the ultra rare (shown) are black with a chained spiked ball on the back. The dreads hair is also from FCG from Yasum and is unisex.

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#212 – Leave your hat on


Egoisme┬áhas released a new male skin along with a mesh head and mesh hands called Elia. The skin is a standalone if you don’t want to go the mesh head route and has the usual assortment of body hairs/beards to mix and match a look just how you want it. If you do get the mesh head/hands they come with a HUD to choose options as well. The hat I’m almost wearing in this picture is from Remarkable Oblivion and is available at this month’s (July) round of The Men’s Dept. The bed with pose and the artistry set are gacha items from XIAJ available at the Season’s Story.

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#210 – Pleasure spiked with pain

Project Limited started today (July 10th). What is that you may ask, well it’s an event where designers sell a limited number of their exclusive items. The wings featured here from 7mad;Ravens is limited to 150, which means after 150 are sold there will be no more available. Not only are they usually cool items but also means you won’t be seeing thousands of them running around on the grid. But this also means that the popular items will sell out fast so don’t delay. The ladder comes with three poses and is a gacha item from XIAJ at The … Continue reading #210 – Pleasure spiked with pain

#207 – The Tourist

The hoodie is one of the latest releases from FATEwear. This is Luc. It comes with three wearable options – hood up, hood down, and open. The FATEpack also gives you a ton of colour options. FATEwear has also released a gift containing beachwear and towels in either the Canadian flag or the US flag in celebration of both Canada Day (July 1st) and Independence Day (July 4th). All you have to do to get it is join the subscriber. I may show them off tomorrow but all this beach and sun is going to force me to upgrade to … Continue reading #207 – The Tourist

#206 – Beach Invasion

Have some shorts and a tee from XIAJ today, both items are available in multiple colours and are available at the Rhapsody event, which ends on July 12th. Another event, the Oh My Gacha started today (July 1st) and that is where you will find the bubble gun from Tentacio. It’s a RARE find in the gacha but includes an on/off option to shoot bubbles and an included pose to aim at people, however, the pose I’m using here to scare off the birds is from Poseology and is available at the Rhapsody event. Teeshirt: XIAJ @ Rhapsody – Luano … Continue reading #206 – Beach Invasion