#210 – Pleasure spiked with pain


Project Limited started today (July 10th). What is that you may ask, well it’s an event where designers sell a limited number of their exclusive items. The wings featured here from 7mad;Ravens is limited to 150, which means after 150 are sold there will be no more available. Not only are they usually cool items but also means you won’t be seeing thousands of them running around on the grid. But this also means that the popular items will sell out fast so don’t delay. The ladder comes with three poses and is a gacha item from XIAJ at The Season’s Story that also started today.

  • Wings: 7mad;Ravens @ Project Limited – Battle worn wings ** Limited item @ Project Limited – July 10th – July 30th **
  • SkinAeros – Teghran (slink hands and feet appliers sold separately)
  • Tail: Luck Inc – The Tail Fade to Black
  • Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Teeloh
  • Pants7mad;Ravens @ Project Limited – Battle worn alpha leathers ** Limited item @ Project Limited – July 10th – July 30th **
  • Corpses: Contraption – Wrapped Corpse Set ** group gift – free to join group **
  • Ladder: XIAJ @ Season’s Story – Rustic Painting Ladder RARE (gacha item) ** NEW release @ Season’s Story – July 10th **

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