#231 – You make me sin baby


It’s nearing the end of the month so that means the August events are coming to an end. Exciting news for new events in September but sadly it means if you haven’t gotten to the various events yet then some items will be gone forever. The pirate outfit, for example, is available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival from !gO! and the pirate hat is from Alchemy.

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#228 – Hang your faded dreams



BlackPearls has recently released a set of furniture called Summer Sadness. It consists of a broken down gazebo with rug (with poses), and a crooked old tree with a seat (again with poses) and are both shown in the picture. What’s not shown and also part of the set is a table and garden chair. The outfit is the latest male look from Lavarock Creations – shorts and a sleeveless hoodie. As always both have HUDs to change colour options.

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#225 – Homecoming


Whether you’re a roleplayer military buff, or just someone who likes dressing up for those oddball club contests, Epia has got you covered with their newest release at The Mens Dept. The marine dress uniform comes in three different colours – Black/blue, black/white, and blues. The jacket/pants are all one mesh so no wearing separate and also come with white mesh gloves (not shown).

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#224 – Crash and burn


Monso has a new release available at Collabor88’s birthday edition this month. It took me five whole days to TP into the event but it was worth it. I love love LOVE this sweater. It’s baggy, it comes in two options – with the inner piece so it’s a full length sweater or without so it’s this asymmetrical cropped shirt. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, designers, guys DO want to flaunt their abs and skin so please please create more stuff like this! The skateboard is a gacha item at The Gacha Mania from Bad Unicorn and the mask is from Obscure at the District 5 event.

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#220 – Fight fire with fire


Fantasy Carnival Gacha started today (August 8th) and there are a LOT of great stuffs there. If you like fantasy items at all, need something a little different for a roleplay look, or even just wanted to be a pirate or ninja then definitely check it out. This is another collab blog with Abel from over at Cane em, Abel, so be sure to check out his blog for details on his outfit (right). They contain more fantasy items from the Tales of Fantasy Event.

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#219 – Voices in my head…


The Blues Hunt started on August 1st and is part of Depraved Nation. All items are 5l to buy and the website has urls and hints. I’m showing three of the items today, the hand tape, face strap, and the necklace. The hand tape works for normal hands and comes with an applier for slink hands. Also the face paint is a new release from Bad Unicorn and the awesome snake is from SWaGGa at TTS starting August 11th.

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