#240 – Waffle Hut

sept19-1Sometimes you come across outfits that work as great fashion clothing but also doubly serve as roleplay outfits. The latest release from Monso at the Uber  event is just that. Also one of the great things about the jumpsuit is that it comes with a HUD to turn off two levels of cuffs to fit boots or shoes. The bloody christmas light adorned bat has built-in animations that will swing when you walk and is part of the zombie craze sweeping the Level Up event.

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#239 – The Barn


This is your mid-monthly reminder about all the fun events that started at the beginning of the month and are still going on. From the Mens Dept we have the Dipper Bar Set that features a barrel table with a candy apple creation station, along with bobbing apple barrel, and a PG/Adult haystack (not shown). And from the gacha-wonderland that is the Arcade we have rustic signs, hay bales, a kitty or two, and of course the barn. On the clothing front we have the warm sweater from Xin at Kustom9.

To the credits:

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#238 – And a boy makes a murder


The long jacket is available at the Creation.JP event and also comes with a version with an inner collared shirt that has a HUD to change the colour.  The event starts September 20th and features some of the best Japanese designers on the grid. It also pairs perfectly with the pants that are also a new release from K. The piercings from HoD (see below picture for better view) are also available at the Creation.JP event. The crow accessories, including the holy and satan crow, the crow stole, and the caged crow, are available at the Secret Affair. TSA opened yesterday (September 15th) and has a Poe-inspired theme this month so if you love Ravens/Crows then this is definitely the event for you.

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#237 – Florian



The Arcade runs the entire month of September and features a lot of great designers. You can find all kinds of things in the gacha machines but today I’m going to be showcasing some of the furniture available. The Florian bed set from Ispachi features everything you need – bed, nightstands, trunk, dressing table, romantic breakfast platter, chair, and of course the most adorable sleeping dog in a dog bed. He also ‘breathes’ and even the most hardcases will totally love how cute he is.

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#236 – We create monsters


We ❤ RP started on September 4th and features mostly fantasy and roleplay items. The event lasts until the end of the month. Both the necklace and the mask are available there and are both unisex items. The tattoo (seen better below) is available at The Mens Dept that started on September 5th. TMD is an event catered specifically to males but also includes accessories and furniture and lasts until the end of the month. The cape is a featured item during Penumbra’s Autumn/Winter 2014 event. It only lasts a week and goes from September 14th until September 22nd and features a collection of male and female items and a few runway shows.

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#235 – Everything you can imagine



It’s September, which means summer hols are over and kids are back in school/college. Two outfits today to illustrate that, the first is a preppy look from Monso and the second a frat boy style from Swagga. I had to add a bit of whimsy to the look with these awesome sock puppets from the Arcade and the owl gave me some Harry Potter vibes too. You can’t see it too well but the school room skybox is currently a limited gift from Sari-Sari and comes with a creepy door that has dark shadows randomly moving past it.

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#233 – Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny


One thing I’ve noticed about SL are themes sometimes overlap, which is good when you’re wanting to find stuff that works together. Uber is a relatively new event that starts at the last day of the month and has a new theme each time. This month it’s apocalypse , which is where you can find the jacket. It’s made by Xin who was previously known as Xiaj and comes with a HUD for some texture changing options. The boots, keyboard legstrap, and futuristic face piece also fit into the apocalypse theme are are gacha items from DRD that are now available at the Arcade (although good luck getting in this early).

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