#236 – We create monsters


We ❤ RP started on September 4th and features mostly fantasy and roleplay items. The event lasts until the end of the month. Both the necklace and the mask are available there and are both unisex items. The tattoo (seen better below) is available at The Mens Dept that started on September 5th. TMD is an event catered specifically to males but also includes accessories and furniture and lasts until the end of the month. The cape is a featured item during Penumbra’s Autumn/Winter 2014 event. It only lasts a week and goes from September 14th until September 22nd and features a collection of male and female items and a few runway shows.

  • Mask: Chimeric Fashions – Ram Skull Mask V2 (Available @ We ❤ RP)  NEW
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant – Baron
  • Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai – Troll Cross – Fenrir Necklace (Available @ We ❤ RP)  NEW
  • Skin: Swallow – Daniel Ivory Skin (Group gift – free to join)
  • Tattoo: Aitui – Festina Lente (Available @ TMD)  NEW
  • Cape:  Holy Shirt! – Cape (Available @ Penumbra – Starts September 13th)  NEW
  • Pants: The Forge – Bran Pants


The skin is a group gift (free to join) from Swallow. It comes in only one tone – Ivory and no slink appliers, however, more tones and appliers are available to purchase. The eyes have a dark gothy eyeshadow and worked perfectly with the new tattoo/piercing set from HoD available at We ❤ RP.

  • Skin: Swallow – Daniel Ivory Skin (Group gift – free to join)
  • Piercing/face tat: HoD – Ri Fhaoichu (Available @ We ❤ RP)  NEW
  • Neck tattoo: Clemmm – Oil Owl
  • Body tattoo: Aitui – Festina Lente (Available @ TMD)  NEW
  • Horns: Miamai – Faery Headpiece 01 (Available @ the Arcade)  NEW
  • Bracers: The Forge – Daerwen Bracers



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