#239 – The Barn


This is your mid-monthly reminder about all the fun events that started at the beginning of the month and are still going on. From the Mens Dept we have the Dipper Bar Set that features a barrel table with a candy apple creation station, along with bobbing apple barrel, and a PG/Adult haystack (not shown). And from the gacha-wonderland that is the Arcade we have rustic signs, hay bales, a kitty or two, and of course the barn. On the clothing front we have the warm sweater from Xin at Kustom9.

To the credits:

On me:

  • Sweater: Xin – Knit Sweater  @ Kustom 9 until Sept 30
  • Jeans: Redgrave – Heavy used jeans
  • Boots: Deadwool – Palmos boots @ Uber until Sept 30
  • Hair: Aeros – Teghran
  • Skin: Aeros – Teghran (slink hands and feet appliers sold separately)
  • Fat cat: Aisling – Nino cat (gacha) @ Arcade until Sept 30



The barn itself is your typical rustic-looking barn, but the feature I love the most is the flapping window curtain. It adds wonderfully to the autumn/fall landscapes popping up all over the grid but I also think it would make for an awesome haunted area complete with bloody corpses and axe-wielding maniacs, but then maybe that’s just me *grin*


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