#265 – The Hunter

This is your last call to go to We ❤ Roleplay before the month is over. The new event starts on January 5th but there’s still a good amount of guy stuff available this round. If you’re into fantasy roleplay or just want to add some fantasy to a current look then it’s worth taking a gander! Horns #1: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – Meridian – Hell Horns @ We ❤ RP (Dec 4th-Dec 31st) Horns #2: Keystone – Vinn Horns @ We ❤ RP (Dec 4th-Dec 31st) Hair: Damselfly – Samson  @ We ❤ RP (Dec 4th-Dec 31st) Skin: Hermony – Symon Ears: AITUI – … Continue reading #265 – The Hunter

#264 – The Lookout

Face tats: #adored – battle born – hunter   @ We ❤ RP (Dec 4th-Dec 31st) Pants: Chronokit – Long Sarouel Pants black @ Creation.JP (Dec 20th until Jan 20th) Piercings: HoD – TV Piercing 8 – Razor Eyes: Random Matter – Salvatore Eyes – Normal Hair: Tableau Vivant – Breeze (male)  @ Creation.JP (Dec 20th until Jan 20th) Shoulder pad: Axix – SavelShoulders Sword: RACK Poses – Sword Right Hand (part of pose set) Lantern: Remarkable Oblivion – Holiday Spirit – Lantern gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st) Horns: Gauze/Trap – Faunus Crown – Natura  @ We ❤ RP (Dec 4th-Dec 31st) Shirt: SWaGGa – Valiant Shirt  @ … Continue reading #264 – The Lookout

#263 – Party Crashers


My last picture featuring items from the Arcade. If there are any people (shocking, I know) that haven’t been yet it is ending on December 31st so you better hurry! Although there is always yardsales. The fun critters featured in his picture (none were harmed, well except that one tail I stood on) are all from SWaGGa. They actually attach to your avatar as pets but well things got a little chaotic as soon as the food and punch came out.

Credits below:

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#261 – Baby it’s cold outside


Staying with the cutesy holiday decoration some more. Yeah, yeah I know but tis the season and all that and there are some really good and cute stuff out there this year. This is a mish-mash of The Liasion Collaboration, The Arcade, and a few other things. The coat and scarf I’m wearing is new from FATEwear and comes in normal and snow, which has sprinkles of snow dust for that outdoor look.

Credits below:

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#260 – Lost the angel who gave me summer

Hair/hat: Tableau Vivant – Neve @ Fameshed (Dec 1st-31st) Coat: K – Military Pea Coat @ TMD (Dec 5th-31st) Gloves: Adjunct – Luxury Gloves gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-31st) Pants: Villena – Tucked up jeans Bag: K – Outing Bag gacha @ TMD (Dec 5th-31st) Pose: Dyer Maker – Wall leaning poses House: Tarte – Repurposed window cabin RARE gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-31st) Polar bear: Ispachi – Cherished Moments – Polar bears gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-31st) Continue reading #260 – Lost the angel who gave me summer

#259 – All the King’s Men

Some fun christmas decoration from the Arcade gacha event that is going on until December 31st. Skybox: Llorisen – Mimi Skybox RARE gacha @ Arcade until December 31st Christmas tree: Dust Bunny – Christmas tree RARE gacha @ Arcade until December 31st Deer head: Dust Bunny – Porcelain deer gacha @ Arcade until December 31st Hanging mittens: Dust Bunny – hanging mittens gacha  @ Arcade until December 31st Plant: Dust Bunny – Twinkley twigs gacha  @ Arcade until December 31st Heater: Dust Bunny – Vintage space heater gacha  @ Arcade until December 31st Snow display: Intrigue Co – Plushie Pals – Frozen friends display gacha  @ … Continue reading #259 – All the King’s Men

#258 – Dino versus dog… cat wins!


The Mens Dept started on December 5th and this time around there are a few gacha machines to try your luck with. One of those machines is from Gabriel and has a selection of winter hats and gloves. The gloves have a pose/animation and the mouths open and close as if talking to each other. Very cute and of course with gacha items they are transfer so you can send them to your friends as christmas gifts too. The jacket is a new release from Vrsion and before you start thinking my graphics card is glitching… the texture is actually suppose to look like pixels! And of course in the background we have a few items from the Arcade that started on December 1st. It’s been a week so if you haven’t managed to get in there yet your odds are a lot higher now.

Credits below:

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#257 – Winter is coming


It’s a new month so that means a lot of new events have started or about to start. One of the biggest events to hit December is The Arcade. As always there is little male clothing options there but plenty of furniture and fun items. This onesie comes in various animal styles and is unisex so caters to both guys and girls. Cheeky Pea has put out some winter furnishings and also the entire living room set is based on Penny’s from The Big Bang Theory and is available at the Geeks and Nerds fair.

More details below:

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