#258 – Dino versus dog… cat wins!


The Mens Dept started on December 5th and this time around there are a few gacha machines to try your luck with. One of those machines is from Gabriel and has a selection of winter hats and gloves. The gloves have a pose/animation and the mouths open and close as if talking to each other. Very cute and of course with gacha items they are transfer so you can send them to your friends as christmas gifts too. The jacket is a new release from Vrsion and before you start thinking my graphics card is glitching… the texture is actually suppose to look like pixels! And of course in the background we have a few items from the Arcade that started on December 1st. It’s been a week so if you haven’t managed to get in there yet your odds are a lot higher now.

Credits below:

Jestyr (right)

Dodge (left)

  • Jacket: Howl – Wild Down Vest @ TMD until Dec 31st
  • Pants: Grasp – Cargo Baggys
  • Hat: Gabriel – Dinosaur Knit Cap @ TMD until Dec 31st *gacha*
  • Gloves: Gabriel – Dinosaur Knit Gloves @ TMD until Dec 31st *gacha*
  • Skin: Samurai – Adrian
  • Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes
  • Pose: Poseology



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