#261 – Baby it’s cold outside


Staying with the cutesy holiday decoration some more. Yeah, yeah I know but tis the season and all that and there are some really good and cute stuff out there this year. This is a mish-mash of The Liasion Collaboration, The Arcade, and a few other things. The coat and scarf I’m wearing is new from FATEwear and comes in normal and snow, which has sprinkles of snow dust for that outdoor look.

Credits below:

  • Rug: Tarte – light clutter rug @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Cocoa: Breno – hot chocolate @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Ornaments: Dust bunny – box of ornaments GIFT @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Ladder: Junk – ladders lights RARE gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Screen: Junk – star screen gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Rats n gingerbread: Snips & Snails – Holiday Pals – Nik & Nak gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Pig: Snips & Snails – Holiday Pals – Zenith the piggy gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Cat n dog: Ispachi – cherished moments – pawns n claws RARE gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Bricks: Plethora – Let it snow wood blocks @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Bows: Second Spaces – Wrap it up bowl gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Labels: Second Spaces – Wrap it up tray of labels gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Boxes: Second Spaces – Wrap it up – ready to wrap gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Cookies: Toro – Skillet of Cookies @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Kissing dogs: Aisling – Zak&Zoe – Lovely Present RARE gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Dog on present: Aisling – Zak&Zoe – box gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Chair: Junk – log chair gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Tree: Tarte – little christmas tree (linus) RARE gacha @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Milk can: Pixel Mode – Milk Can Berries @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Lantern: Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Oil Lamp gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Crate: Floorplan – vintage crate gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • fireplace: Pixel mode – fireplace @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Navitvity: Pixel mode – nativity @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Paper scene: Alouette – Paper houses @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Sign: Tarte – joy marquee @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Bunnies: Snips & Snails – Mr & Mrs Smith gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Bookcase: Plethora – snowflame wall shelf @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • birdhouse: Half deer – winter birdhouse lantern @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • Radio: ufo – chame cantabile – cheeky gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • wreath: ASO! Wreath (snow) gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Christmas sign: ASO! Merry christmas gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Wall art: Junk – little house shelves gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Deer art: floorplan – deer marquee RARE gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Chair: MudHoney – Alex Chaise @ TLC (Dec 15th-Jan 10th)
  • House: Culprit – Neva’s Rustic Cottage


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