#263 – Party Crashers


My last picture featuring items from the Arcade. If there are any people (shocking, I know) that haven’t been yet it is ending on December 31st so you better hurry! Although there is always yardsales. The fun critters featured in his picture (none were harmed, well except that one tail I stood on) are all from SWaGGa. They actually attach to your avatar as pets but well things got a little chaotic as soon as the food and punch came out.

Credits below:

  • Building: Anc – friedwildberry – store ray gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Butlers: Mutresse – ribald butler gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Bike: Epia – carrier tricyle gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Owls: Ispachi – cherished moments – owls gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Train: D-lab + lizail – piccoli stream train gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Lemmings: SWaGGa – followers
  • Geckos: SWaGGa – Geckos
  • Rug: Balaclava – fuji circle rug @ Creation.JP (Dec 20th until Jan 20th)
  • Candy train: Madpea – candy chew chew cupcake gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Table: Second Spaces – wrap it up – table gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  • Food: Lost junction – holiday party gacha @ Arcade (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)




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