#267 – Defeated



Epia is mostly known for their military-inspired outfits but their latest release is another dabble in SL gaming. The beer pong table is exactly that – a game of beer pong. It’s decorative and playable for two people who take turns throwing ping pong balls (via mouselook) and trying to take out the opposition’s red cups. It gets a little tricky when you’re down to only a few cups but the loser will eventually slump forward defeated. Epia has a few other games like Tic Tac Toe and their take on pictionary (seen partially here) that I have spent many hours playing with friends, including our own added list of ‘naughty words’. There are some things stick figures should not be seen doing!

Full credits below:




  • Beer pong: Epia – Beer Pong Table! NEW @ Chapter Four
  • Bar: Fetch – Lyla Bar
  • Bar pull: Kunst – Kunsteiner Tap & Glass
  • Wench sign: Lost Junction – Port Town Sign – The Fair Maid RARE gacha
  • Tacos: Lost Junction – Holiday Party – A taste of mexico gacha (previously at Arcade December round)
  • Chair: Epia – President chair
  • Welcome sign: Seven Emporium – Giddy Up RARE gacha
  • Blackboard: Epia – ‘Picture This’ Chalkboard game
  • Cat: Culprit – Prrmbah Pilot Mike

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