Paint me with an endless sunrise



For more pictures and credits see below:

Pose: Poseology – Unwind @ Pose Fair ’15


Vive Atelier @ Xiasumi April ’15
Artists Studio Skybox RARE
Artists Floor Tarp Stained
Artists Jumbo covered Canvas
Artists Paint Brushes
Artists Box of Paints
Artists Double Canvas Rack (full)
Artists Stack of Canvas (painted)
Artists Work Table

Sorgo @ Xiasumi April ’15
Easel (w/Canvas) RARE
Canvas Stack

Fancy Decor @ Xiasumi April ’15
Drying Rack
Wire Stool
Film Enlarger
Film Canisters
Film strips

Sari-Sari @ Xiasumi April ’15
Sakura Notebook
Coloured Pencils
Watercolour RARE
Acrylic Paint
Modeling Clay
Palette (dark)

Cosmic Dust @ Xiasumi April ’15
I shoot people Mug
Vintage SLR Camera

Apple Fall
Nardyas Tulips in Mason Jar
Photographers’ Easel (prev TLC)

Food: SEUL – Cup O Ramen @ Xiasumi April ’15
Flowers: 8f8 – Serene Sanctuary – Sakura Vase @ Xiasumi April ’15
Volcano: Boogers – Volcano 3D Sculpture @ Xiasumi April ’15
Sign: Cheeky Pea – Dreamer Lights
Film Shelf: ID – Film Shelf 02 @ Xiasumi April ’15
Lenses: Le Primitif – FOS Lense Display
Shoes: MudHoney – Canvas Shoes (prev Arcade)
Table: Kunst – Fling Table (TLC)
Deer: Anc – Mannequin





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