Insomnia; please release me


But there’s no relief,
I’m wide awake in my kitchen,
It’s black and I’m lonely.
Oh if I could only get some sleep?

  • Clock: Junk @ Arcade – Floor clock (gacha) “NEW”
  • Moon n stars: Nomad @ Arcade – Amore Moon & Stars (gacha) “NEW”
  • Desk: Fancy Decor @ Arcade – Cubby Desk (RARE gacha) “NEW”
  • Desk stuffs: Fancy Decor @ Arcade – Stamp Box, House of postcards (gacha) “NEW”
  • Windmill: Consignment – Mill Collection – Windmill
  • Rug: Fancy Decor @ Arcade – Journey Rug (gacha) “NEW”
  • Curtains: Balaclava!! – Camden Room Dividers (previously at 6Republic)
  • House: Scarlet Creative @ Arcade – Rwah Rustic Barn (RARE gacha) “NEW”

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