A Bug’s Life

aug7-1The beetle was originally available at June’s Arcade but I’m only just now getting to doing this picture with it. I know, my bad. The good news is that the gacha is available at the mainstore (as well as a demo area to try out the beetles for yourself. It features 15 different types of beetles with the 7-spot ladybird featured here. You rez the beetles like a vehicle and ride it around, it also uses the Woo Racing System. Also Wilds of Organica lets you exchange the transfer-only version for a copy-only version.


  • Large pots: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana – Clay Pots (arcade gacha now @ mainstore)
  • Broken pot: Dust Bunny – Recycled Pots (arcade gacha now @ mainstore)
  • Fairy: Ohmai – Tulip Fairy Terrarium
  • Gull: Ohmai – Herring Gull
  • Beetle: Wilds of Organica– 7-spot Ladybird – Scamper (arcade gacha now @ mainstore)
  • Wings: Souzou Eien @ We ❤ Roleplay – Draconian Wings (event)
  • Distant grass: We’re Closed – Grass field
  • Main grass: Xin – Grass tray (heavily modified)

Better look at the outfit.


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