The Conductor


The picture does not do the latest Arcade gacha items from MadPea justice. Let me explain it a little. You start with the haunted instruments – drums, violins, trumpets etc and the RARE item of a stage with a baton. You can play the instruments as normal or you can place them on the stage. They just lay around until you tap tap the baton on the stand, assume the position and suddenly it’s like the sorcerers apprentice. The instruments come alive, floating around and around, and the musical notes go flying past your head. It’s a very fun set.



  • Build: 8f8 @ Arcade – Storyteller’s Burrow – Garden house RARE (gacha event)
  • Bookcases: DRD @ Arcade – Mystery Mansion – Library bookshelves (gacha event)
  • Stage and instruments: Madpea @ Arcade – Haunted Instruments (gacha event)
  • Curtains: DRD @ Arcade – Mystery Mansion – Curtain (gacha event)
  • Junk pile: DRD @ Arcade – Mystery Mansion – Attic Junkpile (gacha event)

And for a closer look at the hair/shirt/mask.



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