Boo for Dinner


  • Table and bench seats: Kalopsia @ LTD – Rustic Table/Bench (until October 26th)
  • Armchairs: Kalopsia @ LTD – Rustic Armchair (until October 26th)
  • Place settings: Cheeky Pea – Virginia Place Setting
  • Centrepiece: Cheeky Pea – Boo Pumpkins (VIP Group Gift)
  • Twig candles: Cheeky Pea – Repurposed Branches
  • Chandelier: Vespertine – Metal air balloon (gacha item)
  • Bike: Kalopsia – Grand Bi w/ Lights
  • Statue: Kalopsia – Wood Horse Head Statue
  • Corner table: Kalopsia – Maple Table
  • Bookcases: Vagabond – Aja’s Bookshelf
  • Screen: Cheeky Pea – Repurposed Screen
  • Curtains: Kalopsia – Lace Curtain (left and right)
  • Vines: Noctis – Summerwoods clematis vines (modified)
  • Branch lights: Tarte – Garden tree (left and right)
  • Painted jars: Kalopsia – Painted Jar
  • Build: Apple Fall – Plywood Commercial (FREE)

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