Firstly, the picture does not do this skybox from Madpea justice. It’s a pretty cool 1920’s style Chicago living area but what I have to rave about are the extras. It comes with options (which means you can turn them off if you’re so inclined) to have background sounds. These are sounds similar to what you’d expect living in a city – traffic etc. But you also get the option to turn on the L train that will clatter past your windows adding light effects and sounds every minute, 5 minutes, or even just hourly. It really adds to the atmosphere of the skybox and not something I’ve seen before.

Secondly, the picture was taken at Ironwood Hills and if you’ve not gone there recently then you’ll be surprised as it has had a full redesign and welcomed in some wintery weather.

Jestyr (left):

Cyrus (right):


Picture taken at Ironwood Hills.


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