North Pole


Yup, it’s probably going to be a month of holiday-themed posts but there are a lot of christmas and winter items both to wear and decorate out right now. Maybe it’s because the holidays seemed more magical as a kid but I’m continuing my kid adventures with today’s post too.

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Return of the Light

This blog post is a little different in that I created a short video instead of a picture. The latest offering from Madpea at the Arcade is an interactive collection similar to the Haunted Instruments. Return of the Light is based on the celebration of the Winter Solstice and the soon to be returning light. It involves a ritual and an impressive light display. In order for the ritual to work in world you need to collect the two RARES as well as nine common items. There are other items in the set but they are mostly for decoration and … Continue reading Return of the Light

Imagination is the beginning….


Sometimes you just have to let your inner child out and play, although it seems Cyrus is a brat no matter what his ‘age’ is! Please note that the clothing used are ‘normal sized’ clothes being worn with the TMP body just resized for kid avatar size. The picture was taken at Ironwood Hills with our resident hopscotch girl – she kicked both our asses… run!

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