Imagination is the beginning….


Sometimes you just have to let your inner child out and play, although it seems Cyrus is a brat no matter what his ‘age’ is! Please note that the clothing used are ‘normal sized’ clothes being worn with the TMP body just resized for kid avatar size. The picture was taken at Ironwood Hills with our resident hopscotch girl – she kicked both our asses… run!

Jestyr (left):

Cyrus (right):

  • Crown: PFC – Infernal Crown
  • Hair: Dura – Boys & Girls 42
  • Face mask: Yasum – Face Armor (gacha @ mainstore)
  • Vest: Remarkable Oblivion – Mercenary Guild – Red Tide (gacha @ mainstore)
  • Pants: Legal Insanity – Compton Jeans
  • Shoes: SUGAR – Classic Slip On shoes
  • Cane: Random Matter – Mustang Cane
  • Mesh head: VCO – Fairy Mesh Head (gacha @ mainstore)
  • Pose: Axix – Legendary Warrior

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