My first post of 2016 features some of the items from last month’s events that I didn’t get around to posting due to the holidays. They should all be available at the mainstores.

  • Vest: KROVA – Witchfinder Jerkin BLK Sleeveless (TMP size) (marketplace only store)
  • Pants: Delirium Style – Aiden Cargo
  • Boots: J’s – Studded Long boots
  • Gloves: The Forge – Diesel Mech Arms
  • GogglesThe Forge – Goggles APOC1 (RARE gacha)
  • Scarf: Epia – Operator Mask
  • Arm straps: OTC – Strapped (marketplace link)
  • Weapon: EZ & Lab737 – Xoloti Sword
  • Cigarette: NikotiN – Rainbow Black
  • Wings: Remarkable Oblivion – Azrael Bone Wings
  • Skin (face only – non mesh): Tableau Vivant – Tox Skin
  • PiercingsPekka – Dasher Unisex Piercing
  • Face tattoo: Lovely Disarray – The Vanquisher : War Paint (marketplace only store)
  • Face dirt: PFC – Freedom – dirt (part of the Freedom outfit set)
  • Eyes: Gauze – DragonBorn Eyes
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant – Vertigo hair




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