Boy and his dog


EPIA’s first release of 2016 is a full police uniform. It comes in male and female sizes (or in this case the small size fits my child-size avatar). The outfit itself is one mesh piece so no shirt and pants separates, however, you are able to individually change the colours of the shirt and pants via HUD. The boots, hat, and belt go with the outfit but are bought separately. The badges can be shown or hidden via HUD. The flashlight on the belt is functional and can be on the belt or held. Additionally you can handcuff people close enough (with a permission popup) that adds some great roleplay functionality. It’s currently available during the January round of The Mens Department.

  • Police uniform: EPIA @ TMD – Police uniform (monthly event – Jan)
  • Boots: EPIA @ TMD – Duty Boots (monthly event – Jan)
  • Belt: EPIA @ TMD – Duty Belt (monthly event – Jan)
  • Police hat: EPIA @ TMD – Police Officer Cap (monthly event – Jan)
  • Gloves: Vale Koer – Louis
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant @ MoM – Vertigo (monthly event)
  • Mesh head: VCO – Fairy mesh head (gacha @ mainstore)
  • Pose: Inertia – Leads nowhere
  • Kids fort: Snips & Snails – Box Fort Battles – Boys smell (RARE gacha)
  • Police car: Snips & Snails – Retro Pedal Car – Police Car (RARE gacha)
  • Dog house: Alouette – The Doggy Den
  • Police tape: DRD – Motel – Police tape
  • Dog: Theosophy – Get a load of that dog – Shiba Inu (Plain) (gacha)
  • Trees: Little Branch – Females Maple v.1 (All Seasons)
  • Grass: We’re Closed – Grass field dry 01 (modified)
  • Flag (close up picture only): Cheeky Pea – Duncan American Flag


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