Wolf Bones


A few things about this outfit before I give the credits. I’m not entirely sure if it is meant for females or unisex since it comes out of the box a little small. The good news is that it is entirely modify and does work pretty well for guys even if it isn’t meant to be. The only issue that may crop up is the loincloth. It’s a one piece modify item and whereas it goes around the waist pretty good, if you’re a flat-assed guy you may need to add a little more junk in the trunk for the perfect fit. And you may have some serious dangle if you’re very ‘healthy downunder’ if you know what I mean.

As for where you get all those goodies, keep reading for the full credits!

  • Outfit: PFC @ FGC – Bones (gacha)
    • Includes: Crown, mask, choker, chest armour, horn, loincloth, and staff.
  • Arm and leg armour: PFC – Junglestuff (gacha)
  • Pose: Inertia – Kept Looking
  • Wolfs: Jian @ WHRP – Wolf Pack & Companion (static rez AND a wearable companion)

Location: At my house.. which I’m not linking just in case you’re all stalkers! 😛

And since I couldn’t decide between the two pictures I’m adding another one.



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