Snail Lord


It’s the end of the month so another round of We ❤ Roleplay is coming to a close. So it’s your last chance to get some awesome fantasy inspired items at a discount. However, another fantasy event recently started called The Gathering and that’s where you can find this awesome helmet/mask from BlackPearls. It’s a gacha event so those addicted to getting the rares can rejoice.

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Magic is believing in yourself


The Interview is the newest MadPea game to hit the grid. It opens up on April 1st (no joke) and I’m showing just a few of the prizes available for completing it. The suit from Gabriel is given out to those who purchase the Gold Pass and is considered your ‘game outfit’ although you’re not required to wear it to play. There are two sets of prizes depending on which pass you purchase. Silver pass will allow you to acquire the silver prizes and the gold pass gets you both. Gold is obviously more expensive but you get double the prizes.

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Junkyard Dawg


It’s March so that means another round of the Arcade is upon us.  And amid the fluffy girl stuff and adorable companions (more on that later this week), I bring you some rough and tumble for the boys in the form of the offering from Remarkable Oblivion. The collection is called Junkyard Dogs and features both the bike and the tower as RAREs. A word on the bike – you cannot ride it but it does have several poses for girls and guys (including the one I’m using in the picture). I also want to say that even though I’m not really an asshole (honest, stop laughing!), I absolutely love this shirt from Boys to the Bone. Guys want to show flesh sometimes too!

Enough gabbing, on to the credits!

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