Falconry Adventures


This latest outfit by PFC is named Vagabond but the second I saw the hat, lantern, and chest I pictured an Indiana Jones type character. It also fit perfectly for the caves that my partner and I just added to our sim – Ironwood Hills, yes it’s open to the public for your own photographs!

  • Outfit except for pants: PFC @ Arcade – Vagabond (gacha)
    • Hat, lantern, satchel, wineskin, compass necklace, bnb, and treasure chest
  • Tattoos: Suicide Gurls – The Warrior’s code (gacha)
  • Bracer: Azuchi @ WHRP – Cecil Wristband (unisex)
  • Falcon (bird only): Le Poppycock – La Paix – Truth (normally comes with pose – not used)
  • Pose: Poseology @ Pose Fair: Xander 5 (slightly modified due to lantern)

Location: Ironwood Hills


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