Magic is believing in yourself


The Interview is the newest MadPea game to hit the grid. It opens up on April 1st (no joke) and I’m showing just a few of the prizes available for completing it. The suit from Gabriel is given out to those who purchase the Gold Pass and is considered your ‘game outfit’ although you’re not required to wear it to play. There are two sets of prizes depending on which pass you purchase. Silver pass will allow you to acquire the silver prizes and the gold pass gets you both. Gold is obviously more expensive but you get double the prizes.

  • Desk, chair and projector: Balaclava!! @ The Interview – Interview Desk Set (starts April 1st)
  • Ventriloquist dummy: NOMAD @ The Arcade – Queer and Quirky – Ventriloquist Dummy RARE (gacha)
  • Burlesque show games: NOMAD @ The Arcade – Burlesque Vending Machine RARE (gacha)
  • Insect collection: Soy @ The Interview – Wall Decor (starts April 1st)
  • Wall vases with ivy: Jian @ The Interview – Secret Keeping Ivy (gold) (starts April 1st)
  • Key collection: HEXtraordinary @ The Interview – Mysterious Keys (starts April 1st)
  • Pentagram: DRD – Mystery Mansion – Wiccan pentagram (gacha)
  • Science experiment: Jian @ The Interview – Curious Botany (silver) (starts April 1st)
  • Candle hand: HEXtraordinary @ The Interview – Hand of Glory (starts April 1st)
  • Skybox: Ariskea @ The Arcade – Le Secret – Secret Build RARE gacha

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