If you build it…..


I’m not really into the whole sportswear as a fetish thing but I tried on these new sport shorts from SWaGGa and DAMN I thought I looked good. So I thought I would do a little sexy concept and try to pictorially seduce you all and it turned into a children of the corn zombiefest. I’m thinking I may have some issues.

  • Shorts: SWaGGa @ Romp – Sporty Pants (event opens on April 15th)
  • Shirt: Boys to the Bone – Croptop #1
  • Bracelet: Kunst @ TLC – Infinity Cuffs
  • Axe: The Forge @ Epiphany – Junkers Arsenal – Salvage Axe (gacha)
  • Football: Takeo – Fantasy Sport – Football (gacha)
  • Pose: Mien – Ego Trip
  • Zombie arms: DRD – Zombie Apoc – zombie arm
  • Billboard: Epia – Unused Theater Screen (gacha)
  • Fence: Remarkable Oblivion – Junkyard Dogs – Wall03 (gacha)
  • Grass: We’re Closed – Grass Field dry

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