The local


My last post covering the 6 Republic event that ends today (May 20th). As a Brit I know very well the lure of the local pub. It’s not just about the drinking, although we certainly do that very well, but it’s a social meeting place. It’s a place to relax after work (or during lunch) and grab a bag of porky scratchings or a scotch egg and talk with friends. And now we can do it in second life too and share the experience with our international friends!

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Garage Living


More decor items from 6 Republic. A lot of the industrial grungy items from the event have such great textures that really makes them blend well together. The table is just one item from a set (I’ll show more of it in later posts) by TH – Thor. I’ve been a fan for a while back in the days of space invader lights and sofas, but the stuff he’s been doing recently has been awesome. Do check them out if you haven’t!

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