Dragon Elemental


Today’s picture is another example of working on one idea and ending up with a completely different image. WHRP starts another round on the 4th so I’m getting an early start this month. Check below for the credits and another picture of PFC’s new altar and cage that you can barely see in the ‘arty’ image.


  • Hooded cloak: Gabriel @ WHRP – Assassin Hoodie Vest (default and various mesh compat)
  • Armguard: Gabriel @ WHRP – Assassin glove (default and various mesh compat)
  • Belt: Gabriel @ FGC – Gladiator Belt (gacha)
  • Pants: Gabriel @ FGC – Gladiator Pants (gacha)
  • Tattoo: Aii @ TFC – Carved Warrior Tattoo
  • Boots: KROVA – Witchfinder Boots and Greaves (marketplace link)
  • Crossbow: EZ Weaponry – Instigator Bow
  • Pose: NRage – Swordsman 1


Green bad guy:

  • Orc: Krova – Orc avatar (marketplace link)



Location: Ironwood Hills

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