We’re not in Kansas anymore!


MadPea has a new game coming out soon called Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior or as I like to call it ‘Inca’. Once you buy the hud to play the game you also get an outfit that you can decide to play in (completely optional). There’s a male and female version. It’s a full outfit – shirt, pants, boots, and a bow. The nice thing is that unlike some outfits that is all in one, all the items are separates so you get to mix and match, which is exactly what I did before practicing my cave exploring at Ironwood Hills… or was it Oz?

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In a flash!


SwagBag is the newest trend on the grid. You pay upfront for a bag containing 15 items from 15 different designers. You don’t know what those items are only who they are from. Then on the first of the month the bag is delivered to you and it becomes like christmas morning opening up everything to find out what you get! Now keep in mind that it is likely not everything will be your cup of tea since there are a lot of different tastes, but you should mostly know that going in since you do know who the designers are. August was the first month and I have to say I like about 90% of the items. You can still get the stuff from the August bag but it’ll cost you twice as much.

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