Spies R Us


My last post for this month’s SwagBag! The themed pictures have been fun! Next month the theme is Adventure so should be pretty awesome to do as well. It’s also almost time for another round of Arcade!



  • Gun rack: Xin + Toro – Gun racks (RARE gacha)
  • Board: Xin + Toro – Bulletin Board (heist map) (gacha)
  • Cabinet: Xin + Toro – File cabinet and fan (gacha)
  • Lamp: No Concept – Vintage desk lamp
  • Desk & Chair: NOMAD – Numbers Station (part of SwagBag August)
  • Plant: YS&YS – Holborn Hanging Ivy
  • Monitor Station: Ex Machina – SSA Surveilance Console (Interview prize – ends Aug 31st)
  • Sign: Seven Emporium – We are watching (Fifty Linden Friday – Aug 26th)
  • Camera: Seven Emporium – CCTV (Fifty Linden Friday – Aug 26th)
  • Build: Hive @ Arcade – The old shed (RARE gacha) (opens Sept 1st)

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