Winter is Coming


I haven’t done a ‘fantasy/roleplay’ outfit in a while so here you go! I know a lot of us look at the vendor ad when deciding on whether or not we’re interested in an item. And that can often be disappointing but sometimes, just sometimes, you get an outfit that looks even better than the vendor ad. The armour set today is that item! Plus it’s not often armour for guys get to show off flesh so that’s another plus!


  • Antler/back piece: EVE @ WHRP – Etheral – Neck Corset Branches
  • Hood/mask/armour outfit: TS Creations @ FGC – Battle Mage (gacha)
  • Dragon: Curemore @ FGC – Shinjuki Rioters – Dragon Spirit ULTRARARE (gacha)
  • Blade halo: Curemore @ FGC – Shinjuki Rioters – Blades Halo (gacha)


  • Torii: PFC @ WHRP – Kamishikimi – Torii (snow version)
  • Lantern: PFC @ WHRP – Kamishikimi – Latern (snow version)
  • Wood floor planks: PFC – Woods’ camp – platform (snow version)

Taken at Knightfall sim



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